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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I can't contain myself. I hoped and dreamed this would happen, however I was also doubtful that it would. Tonight I can't wipe the smile from my face and let go this feeling of pride, joy, love, and accomplishment that I did my small part in helping come about. I'm sure once I calm down I'll be able to express my thoughts in further detail but until then.

Congratulations President Elect Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Yawn!!! Here it is the middle of the day on a Sunday and I couldn't be more tired. Not really sure why though. I have been keeping busy the past several days with cleaning the garage, my floor downstairs as well as with helping put up a shed. However the shed is coming along slowly since we wanted to make sure the foundation and floor were extremely firm. Still between all of that, working out, and work I haven't been that tired. In fact I've never felt better. The constant working out has helped with I think. Maybe it's all catching up with me. It's really annoying though. I want to do more but there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.

On another note I'm starting to look for a new car. My 94 Ford Escort is working well for me now but I do want something better. However I don't want to be saddled with another bill so I plan on getting something I can buy outright. That means I'm looking for something below $3000, though below $2000 would be idea. However I think I might have to end with a monthly bill if I look for something less then 10 years old.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ah summer is finally here!!! Along with an insurable heatwave that has come and gone. I'll tell that was as far from fun as you might be able to get. It felt as if I was getting smacked as soon as I stepped outside. It didn't help that things were the opposite at night with it being to cold. That's rural Pennsylvania I guess. It seems as if we went straight from winter to summer yet nature can't seem to make up it's mind when it comes to day and night. Though at least things are better her then out west. I hope everyone out there is doing what they can to stay cool.

The one year mark has been passed or well technically about a to be reached in a week or two as it relates to being fully employed for the first time. I love it too. Working I mean. I enjoy being busy throughout the day and due to my position things can be pretty random as it relates to what needs to be done and issues that might arise. Though since students are gone and we are waiting for new hardware to come in things are slow. However I think it might be time to start looking for something new with higher pay. I just wish the economy was better though. With that in mind it might be better to put that off for the time being and see if things improve.

On a weird note I'm in the process of redoing the downstairs bathroom. That means new sink, vanity set, toilet, and title on the floor. Just need to put the toilet in now. I'm praying I haven't screwed this up. LOL :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Well another year older. Yay!!! Time is moving far to quickly. I can still remember being in high school, hell even when I first moved to Pennsylvania back in the 7th grade. Every time though when I'm called mister by the students at work it's like reality slapping me in the face. Not in a bad way but it's just a further realization that I'm not a kid anymore.

I see this in other ways as well. Take today for example. I spent a good part of it thinking about Roth IRAs, Mutual Funds, and how much I love and hate politics. Where as not even 6 years ago I would be occupied watching the latest music videos, sports game, or wondering about which video game I wanted to buy (though still do this last one. :) ). For a while I was wondering if there was a visible line one would cross to fully signal one had reach adulthood. Sure there isn't and I know that now. It was a gradual process, one I'm sure I'm still making. However life would be so much simpler if there was.

On a different note I'm making progress on my studies for some of my certification test. I'm putting in all the time I can since I really don't want to waste the money I spend on these test. First up tough is going to be my Microsoft cert test for Windows XP and then Vista (finally bought a copy but just have to install it now). Those two seem like they are going to be the easiest and cheapest. My CompTIA A+ test however is going to take longer. I'm having trouble with the hardware aspects. I'm more software, design, and theory focused. That's due to the nature of my education over the years and my personality. I know what I'm doing it's just being able to recall all of the different hardware aspect from memory. Having a hard time with that. When it comes to troubleshooting, customer interaction, etc.. areas I'm fine.

I was lucky though that I was contacted by a representative from uCertify after I had mentioned I was preparing for the A+ test in a previous entry. The testing of one of their programs has been extremely helpful. I'm going have to e-mail them back with my thoughts but was trying to wait until I had take the test to give a more full review on just how well it helped but at the moment it has been a big help. One thing I really like was that the program tracks what aspects of the test questions I got right and what I got wrong. This way I know what to focus more on. Without that I'd just be wasting time going over everything. I also like how it keeps track of my overall grade as I take the various example test. Thankfully it's been going up each time I take a test. I'm also glad the program explains what the correct answer is when you get it wrong. Between this program and the books I'm reading I feel confident I can pass the test but like always I wanted to sure so the test is being pushed back a little. I had wanted to take it this month but seems I'll wait until June or early July (the Microsoft test are being done at the end of May if all goes well, at least the Windows XP one).

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Still here. :) Just thought I should let that be known. Just been so busy with work, life, and preparing for upcoming test for various certification test. PC and Apple related ones.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ever have a day where things can be going so well and then something small and perhaps petty can completely kill your mood. Having one of those days to a degree. Picked up the game Company of Heroes (Game of the Year edition) the other day and was looking forward to playing it as I'm a big RTS fan. However it seems I got one of the copies of the game that was badly duplicated. Lucky me -_-. I'm not so much upset that I can't get the game to work but more so that I feel I've wasted money and time. I'm more then annoyed that THQ even allowed this to happen and didn't issue a recall to the stores the games were shipped just so no one unknowingly purchased the defective products. This has made up my mind though. I won't be buying anymore games from them over this. Might sound petty but action through my wallet is the only thing that works but I'm sure the lose of my sale won't be missed or even matter.

It's situations like this that make me glad I'm pulling away more and more from computer gams and focusing on console games only. Sure if you get a bad copy of a game you can at least exchange it for a new one. With computer software you are out of luck and even then they'll most likely make you pay for shipping of the product if they want it back so they can send you a new copy even though they were at fault.

I'm just ranting now I guess.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!!!!